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INTERVIEW (Swedish) | REGION HALLAND | 2020-10-08

Is knowledge of company values and corporate culture critical competence?

That is the opinion of Johan Hellsten, CEO of Hellsten Gears AB in Kungsbacka. With the support of Region Halland's development funds, they are now investing in securing the employees' ability to act strategically in line with the company's brand.
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Tools to lead

When Johan Hellsten took over as CEO of the family company Hellsten Växellådor in 2007, the company had three employees and a turnover of approximately SEK 5 million. In the years that followed, sales and the number of employees increased rapidly. Johan realized that the company needed to work with the company culture in order for the growth journey to continue smoothly.
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INTERVIEW | 2019-11-15 (Swedish)

There is no planet B.

Hellsten Växellådor AB was one of three finalists for Motor-Magasinet's title "Sustainability profile of the year". With a strong commitment to sustainable development, Johan Hellsten, CEO, felt humbled that the company's environmental work resulted in a final place. The motor gala took place on 14 November 2019, the title "Sustainability profile of the year" went to Ulrika Arver.
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ARTICLE (Swedish) | MOTORMAGASINET 2019-11-05

Hellsten developed a new business system

It is obvious that used products is somewhat of a blind spot for the standard business systems. That is why Hellsten Växellådor AB developed their own system. With almost an fivefold increase in sales in ten years, Hellsten Växellådor AB is today the Nordic region's largest supplier of refurbished and used gearboxes.
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ARTICLE (Swedish) | MOTORMAGASINET | 2019-10-02

Anticipation when the gala finalists were presented

The motor industry is full of everyday heroes. Motormagasinet want these heroes to feel the spotlight. A total of 13 exciting categories are awaiting winners. The finalists, three in each category, were presented at an industry mingling in Stockholm on Wednesday.
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ARTICLE (Swedish) | MOTORMAGASINET | 2019-03-19

The reason Hellsten believes in used products

One and a half years ago, Hellsten Växellådor AB decided to include used unites in the product range, an initiative that put the IT infrastructure in the company to the test. We noticed that there was a demand for used gearboxes, often coming from price-sensitive customers. But could it be done? Including used units in the range was in line with our philosophy to recycle as much as possible, says CEO Johan Hellsten, so why not.
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ARTICLE (Swedish) | MOTORMAGASINET | 2018-04-09

To create a modern sports car

How the champion of transmission met the sports car manufacturer

Frank Bergqvist, CEO of VB Automotive AB, and the engineer/inventor Ola Hellsten, with solid experience of the driveline, became a good team during the development of the modern sports car Indigo 3000R.

INTERVIEW (Swedish) | MOTORMAGASINET | 2018-02-10

The gearbox is just one part of what we sell

His father started repairing gearboxes for customers in his own garage. Today, Hellsten Växellådor AB has grown from repair and wholesaler to full-service supplier and CEO Johan Hellsten is in the process of digitizing the entire business.
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