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Defective core return

Our exchange system means that the defective core must be returned intact to us after the new product has been installed. If the defective core is not returned to us, we will charge a core fee. If the defect core is returned but has external damage we will invoice a part of the core fee. Contact customer service as soon as possible if the defect core cannot be returned or if it has external damage.


Mounting parts needed when installing a new part are sometimes still mounted on the defective core when it is returned to us. We do not save these parts. The work of installing the new part can be made difficult, impossible or unnecessarily costly if important mounting parts are missing. Therefore, return the defective core only when the new part is installed and the vehicle is once again working. 

Preparations before shipping

  • The return unit should be intact when we receive it, not disassembled.
  • Empty the return unit on oil. If the return unit is not emptied on oil and causes leakage during transport, you will be billed for the cleaning of the transport vehicle.
  • Clean the return unit roughly using a cloth. Do not use water.
  • Pack the return unit in the same packaging as the replacement unit arrived in.
    • Oilcloth and corrugated cardboard should be used as oil protection.
  • Remove old shipping notes from the packaging.

*** NOTE! ***
You must supply us with the vehicle's meter reading and fault symptoms
(before action) in order for the warranty to be activated.

After you have booked return shipping

The return shipping freight is carried by TNT. They will send you an e-mail with instructions on how to obtain your shipping documents. It usually takes 1-2 days to receive the email (please also check spam folder if the e-mail is missing). In the email, scroll down to the heading "What you need to do now", see image below.

  • Click Download and print:
  1. Shipping label (Routing labels)
  2. Receipt (Manifest) in two copies
    The driver must sign one copy when picking up the return core. Archive this signed copy, it's proof that the return core has been retrieved by TNT.
  • Remove old shipping documents from the packaging and attach the new one.
  • In case of issues with shipping orders, rebooking of shipping, or missing shipping label, please contact customer service at email sales@hellstengears.com. Specify "Missing shipping label for order [Order number]" as the subject.
Example of what the TNT email looks like
Example of what the TNT email looks like

At time of return shipping

NOTE! It is important that a copy of the consignment document gets signed by the driver and then saved by you. This copy is your receipt that the return core has been sent to us.

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