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Product philosophy

Experts since 1983

Hellsten Gears AB (formerly known as Hellsten Växellådor AB) is the Nordic region's largest supplier of factory refurbished and used gearboxes (automatic, DSG, manual, CVT), transfer units, differentials and turbos for cars, motorhomes and utility vehicles. We offer an affordable and safe alternative to original units. We have an extensive stock of ready-to-ship units and fast deliveries which makes it easy to do business with us. Our customers mainly consist of workshops, companies / authorities with their own car fleets and insurance companies, but we also sell to private individuals.

Product range

Our products are hand-picked from selected suppliers that meet our high standards for quality and durability. The units are produced according to quality requirements that are close to, or the same as, the car manufacturers' own replacement products. Our thorough preparations and focus on quality lets us offer the same solid warranty on both refurbished and used parts - unique to the industry. We combine product quality with competitive prices, technical support and top warranty conditions to offer you a safe deal.
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We offer only advantages

  • Time saving
    We scan the Swedish, European and parts of the North American market for quality factory refurbished and used gearboxes, transfer units, differentials and turbo, which means we save you significant time. No one knows the market better than we do, so why waste valuable time searching for something we can find for you so much faster?
  • Both refurbished and used
    We offer both factoryrefurbished and used units, along with top warranty.
  • The right part, ready for installation
    We guarantee that what we offer fits the vehicle.
    Used gearboxes often have software that needs to be adapted. We make sure that the unit is correctly adapted and ready for installation in another vehicle.
  • One-stop-shop
    We carry a wide range of accessories that facilitates the installation. Why shop elsewhere when we can deliver all necessary parts at once? Maximize efficiency!
  • Adapted pricing
    Pricing for refurbished and used units is usually significantly lower than for original units. We offer an affordable solution through refurbished and used units, along with top warranty.
  • Extensive ready-to-deliver stock = fast deliveries
    We have an extensive stock of ready-to-deliver units for virtually all car makes and models. A well-established collaboration with experienced carriers let us ship most orders immediately with short delivery time. We deliver to the entire world.
  • Professional help when you need it
    Our inside sales are product specialists and can quickly give you written offer, answer technical questions and assist with useful documentation before / during / after installation.  
  • Top warranty
    • 2-year warranty on both factory refurbished and used gearboxes, transfer units and differentials.
      • 1-year warranty on both factory refurbished and used turbo units.
    • Warranty covers labour costs.
    • Warranty covers shipping damage and lost goods.
    • We guarantee that the part is ready for installation upon delivery and that the electronics of the part fit the vehicle (programming and adaptation may be required after installation).
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Refurbished, used, new - what does it all mean?

Refurbished units
Most of our factory refurbished gearboxes, transfer units, differentials and turbos are hand-picked from ISO-certified factories that already perform, or have performed, original refurbishment for car manufacturers. Refurbishment means that the unit is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned before known wearing parts are replaced. Other parts are inspected and replaced if necessary. A refurbished unit can be considered "almost new".
We call refurbished gearboxes refurbished.

Used units
Used gearboxes, transfer units, differentials and turbos are dismantled from vehicles. Used units are hand-picked with focus on quality from a large network of selected suppliers in Sweden, Europe and North America. The unit is carefully evaluated in our quality control and receives a thorough review before delivery. We call used gearboxes used.

New (brand new) units
A new unit is by definition a completely unused unit. It has often been in stock for some time, but never been installed or used. A new unit should not be confused with a refurbished unit that look new; these are two different things. Some original manufacturers call a refurbished unit new, even though the unit is not. We call new units new unitbrand new unit or new unit from factory.

Repaired units
A repair means that a repairman focus on a specific fault (and that fault only) in the unit. However, a unit might have several faults/problems that affect its function. The warranty on repair performed does not cover defects other than the original repair, which means that you can spend a lot of money getting a broken unit repaired just to find that it still isn't working and you will need to pay even more. After four decades in this industry we understand the complicity of our products and that is the reason we do not perform single repairs. We work with factory refurbished and  good quality used units which allows us to take full responsibility. 

What is the exchange system?

When we sell a factory refurbished or used gearbox, transfer unit, differential or turbos we request the broken unit (core) in return. Through an exchange system, the broken core is incorporated into our constantly ongoing cycle of recycling. The broken core is thoroughly refurbished and placed on the warehouse shelf. When sold it gets replaced with another broken core and the cycle starts over. This is known as the exchange system, our recycling philosophy.
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The advantages of exchange units

  • An exchange unit can be installed at the same occasion as the broken unit is removed from the vehicle. The car does not have to sit useless for days or weeks on a car lift in the workshop.
  • If a problem occur with the new unit, troubleshooting will be considerably more efficient with an exchange unit compared to a traditional repair.
  • Since we have most exchange units in stock we can easily solve warranty cases with a replacement unit. No need to wait for a slow repair process.

Quality product range offers a safe deal
Our product range mainly consists of factory refurbished and used gearboxes, transfer units, differentials and turbos for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorhomes and utility vehicles. We work with most car makes and models. The units are produced according to quality requirements that are close to or the same as the car manufacturers' exchange products. Our production department only select units that meet our high demands for quality and durability.

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Need help?

Our inside sales are product specialists and can quickly give you written offer, answer technical questions and assist with useful documentation before / during / after installation.  Call us on +46 300 - 742 20 or send an e-mail to sales@hellstengears.com.

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