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Johan Hellsten, CEO, and Ola Hellsten, founder.

About Hellsten Gears AB

Hellsten Gears AB has been in business since 1983. Today, we are one of Europe's largest suppliers of factory refurbished and used gearboxes (automatic gearboxes, DSG gearboxes, manual gearboxes, CVT gearboxes), transfer units, differentials and turbos for passenger cars, motorhomes, commercial vehicles and light utility trucks to most car makes and car models. With an unique warranty period of 2 years for both factory refurbished and used units, we offer an affordable and safe alternative to original parts. With extensive inventory, correct delivery dates and fast worldwide deliveries, you can count on full assistance from us!

Our business concept

We sell factory refurbished and used (exchange) gearboxes, transfer units, differentials and turbos along with the right accessories to car workshops in primarily the Nordic region.

Experts since 1983

A long time ago, well before the modern wear and tear, possessions were valued and cared for. When something broke it was carefully repaired to maximize the life span. In a time where every resource was valuable and needed in everyday life there was no other way. Ola Hellsten grew up in post-war Finland learning the importance of things and this contributed to an early curiosity and an interest in how things around him worked. As an adult Ola became an engineer and from that point the step towards becoming an entrepreneur and, eventually, an inventor was not very far.
In 1962 an acquaintance asked him to repair a manual gearbox. Ola Hellsten had never attempted anything like it, but found the complex technology in the gearbox to be an enticing challenge. The repair was successful and Ola was eager to learn more. By opening, analyzing the technology and repairing gearboxes discarded by car workshops he gathered useful knowledge during the years. Initially the refurbishment took place at home in Ola's garage, but in in the late 80s the thriving business moved to an industrial premise in Kungsbacka, on the west-coast of Sweden. The one-man company O. Hellsten AB continued to develop and went from refurbishing gearboxes to full gearbox installations in the little car workshop. 

Complex parts require complex systems

Johan Hellsten, Ola's oldest son, joined the company in 2006 and early on understood the value of all the knowledge of the drivetrain and gearboxes that Ola had gathered during the years. However, the main part of the valuable information was locked in Ola's head and Ola being a very busy man the information proved difficult to access.
Johan, with a solid background in computer engineering, took it upon himself to create a system; an attempt to get all the information accessible and organized. A thousand questions were asked regarding transmission, article numbers, accessories etc. Ola patiently answered, Johan took meticulous notes and then added and systemized the information into a basic database. Soon there was a system, a simple but useful tool which suddenly allowed for others to start using the collected data when answering the ever-growing numbers of customers. That very first system, however basic, allowed for the company to really grow in number of people. 
The work of documenting the various gearbox models and variations continues every day through our own specialist mechanics and our ISO certified factory partners alongside with a very involved product department. Today we have modern custom-built systems that allow us to be the best in the business at what we do. We are transmission specialists. 

A new generation step in

In 2007 Johan Hellsten left his then career to become the company CEO and was soon joined in the company by his brother Matias. The company changed its name to Hellsten Växellådor AB. Ola took a step back and continued with his own ventures, reassured that his sons would develop the thriving business even further. Johan Hellsten is since 2007 the company CEO and Matias Hellsten is the product manager. The youngest son, Erik Hellsten, joined the company after finishing university and works with the maintenance and development of the many IT systems.
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The environment matters to us

One of the most important company goals is to contribute to a more sustainable world by making quality refurbished gearboxes and used gearboxes widely available. We work every day towards a better environment and sustainable development through recycling and resource management. Our exchange system, invented by Ola Hellsten, is a key factor. 
When we sell a unit, refurbished or used, we request the broken unit (core) in return. Through an exchange system, the broken core is incorporated into our constantly ongoing cycle of recycling. The broken core is thoroughly refurbished and placed on the warehouse shelf. When sold it gets replaced with another broken core and the cycle starts over. This is known as the exchange system; our recycling philosophy.
A study from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg (2017) shows that the refurbishment of a single gearbox reduces GWP * by 36% compared to GWP for the manufacture of a new gearbox! In a single year, we sell many refurbished and used gearboxes. Each of these part leaves behind a much lighter carbon footprint and therefore becomes our own contribution to the environment. We make a difference, every day through this never-ending sustainable cycle of recycling. Therefore, it is crucial for us to utilize our expertise to recycle as many parts as possible.
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* GWP (the global warming potential): a measure of the ability of a greenhouse gas to contribute to the greenhouse effect and global warming. 

New markets in the horizon

Hellsten Gears AB is, since many years, the Nordic region's largest supplier of refurbished and used gearboxes, differentials and transfer units for passenger cars, motorhomes and utility trucks for virtually all car brands and models. The customers mainly consist of workshops, companies with car fleets and insurance companies, but also private individuals. An ever-growing interest in the refurbished and used product range from workshops outside the Nordic market led to an important decision during Q4 2019 and major change. 
During the summer of 2020, the company changed its name from Hellsten Växellådor AB to Hellsten Gears AB; a name that will allow the company to work in all markets. At the same time, the logo and the graphic profile was updated. We are ready for the future and new markets, making a difference. 


We offer only advantages

We want to continue be known as the best supplier of refurbished and used exchange gearboxes. Through recycling we want to continue to work towards real sustainability. We want our customers to continue coming back because of our quality products but also because of the high level of service. A lot of time is spent on internal training, we want our customer service to be able to offer solid technical support, all the way. Our specialist knowledge benefits everyone. 

  • Time saving
    We scan the Swedish, European and parts of the North American market for quality refurbished and used units, which means we save you significant time. No one knows the market better than we do, so why waste valuable time searching for something we can find for you so much faster?
  • Both refurbished and used
    We offer both refurbished and used units, along with top warranty.
  • The right part, ready for installation
    We guarantee that what we offer fits the vehicle.
    Used gearboxes often have software that needs to be adapted. We make sure that the unit is correctly adapted and ready for installation in another vehicle.
  • One-stop-shop
    We carry a wide range of accessories that facilitates the installation. Why shop elsewhere when we can deliver all necessary parts at once? Maximize efficiency!
  • Adapted pricing
    Pricing for refurbished and used units is usually significantly lower than for original units. We offer an affordable solution through refurbished and used units, along with top warranty.
  • Extensive ready-to-deliver stock = fast deliveries
    We have an extensive stock of ready-to-deliver units for virtually all car makes and models. A well-established collaboration with experienced carriers let us ship most orders immediately with short delivery time. We deliver to the entire world!
  • Professional help when you need it
    Our inside sales are transmission specialists and can quickly give you written offer, answer technical questions and assist with useful documentation before / during / after installation.  
  • Top warranty
    • 2-year warranty on both refurbished and used units
    • Warranty covers labor costs.
    • Warranty covers shipping damage and lost goods.
    • We guarantee that the part is ready for installation upon delivery and that the electronics of the part fit the vehicle (programming and adaptation may be required after installation).

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