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DSG gearboxes

The DSG technology was launched in 2003 by the Volkswagen Group. A DSG gearbox is basically two manual gearboxes joined together and controlled by a computer. The DSG gearbox provides high comfort and good fuel consumption. The technology is used by many car manufacturers, but under different brand names. Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Audi (V.A.G.) call this type of gearbox DSG (Direct Shift Gear).

A DSG gearbox uses two input shafts where one runs inside the other, both shafts are in constant engagement with the intermediate shaft which means that the gearbox always has two gears active at the same time. The two clutches operate alternately, when one is engaged the other is disengaged, and when shifting, the gearbox switches between the clutches. Based on the drivers style of driving, the mechatronic assumes which gear will be required next and prepares for the change. DSG is appreciated highly appreciated for the seamless shifting, but the technology is complicated.

As early as 2006, Hellsten Gears received the first inquiries for factory refurbished alternatives to original DSG gearboxes. These days Hellsten Gears are known within the industry as DSG experts and can offer both factory refurbished and used DSG units.

DGS as an exchange gearbox

A complete DSG gearbox, factory refurbished or used, is a simpel and safe alternative for all car workshops. Our exchange system leads to a faster and more cost-effective deal and since we offer complete units the assembly will be easier with fewer things risking to go wrong. We guarantee  that the DSG gearboxes we deliver will work in the vehicle. In addition to a complete DSG gearbox, we offer technical support and support both before, during and after installation as well as a nice two-year warranty on both factory refurbished and used DSG units.

The right software for DSG gearboxes is crucial

Every DSG gearbox has a built-in computer that controls the gearbox. The computer receives signals from 10s of computers and control systems in the car. There are incredibly many software variants for DSG and it is absolutely crucial that the gearbox is programmed with exactly the right software to match the vehicle specifications. As DSG industry experts, we know what software each DSG gearbox needs and can customize the software in the computer to suit specific vehicles.
Workshops that buy used DSG gearboxes elsewhere often run into problems. Even though the part number is correct and the DSG gearbox visually looks the same as the broken gearbox core, the software often turns out to be wrong and the vehicle does not work. It is an expensive lesson. Hellsten Gears, unlike OEM and other workshops, can re-program even used DSG gearboxes to match specific vehicles. It is a unique service that simplifies everyday life for our DSG customers.

Need help with a DSG gearbox?

Make a request for price/delivery time by entering the registration number in our quick form below. We will send an offer with factory refurbished and used parts, including price and delivery time, to your email. Alternatively, you can send us an email to sales@hellstengears.com or call us on +46 300 - 742 20.


Software for DSG Mechatronics

DQ200 Gas
7-gearDSG (0AM)

Artikel DQ200-gas
VW Passat / Touran with 1.4 EcoFuel Biogas
The environmental cars are set to a fuel-efficient driving schedule, which has given the cars problems with both comfort and durability. The software solves problems with vibrations when accelerating from a standstill or from low speed.

Solves problems with annoying vibrations when shifting
Reduces the risk of overheating in the clutch

6-gearDSG(02E) with wet clutch

Artikel DQ250-tdi
The diesel engines have caused more problems with clutch slippage than the petrol engines have.

Solves problems with strong vibrations (caused by slipping clutch) when driving in 2nd and 3rd gear at approx. 2000 rpm.
Solves problems with the tachometer pointer jumping up and down by approx. 100 rpm when driving at a steady speed of around 80 km/h.
Advantageously used in all diesel cars (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) with 6-speed DSG regardless of whether the car is tuned or not.

- Cars with or without chip trim

Artikel DQ500-t509
Transporter T5/T6 2009-> 7-speed DSG
The car runs much better with the upgraded transmission. First gear is reactivated (it needs to be used more often for good comfort) and the D position is optimized for a better driving experience.

  • Improved D program
  • First gear is activated when driving at low speeds
  • Driving at 80 km/h in 6th gear instead of 7th gear

- Cars with or without chip trim

Artikel DQ500-tig10
Tiguan 2010->  7-speed DSG  TSI & TDI etc
The car runs much better with the upgraded transmission. Annoying and loud vibrations at low revs disappear.

  • Improved D program removes annoying noise from vibrations at low revs
  • Better response when applying gas


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