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Supplier invoice

Organization number 556409-1857
Credit period 30 days

  • Shipping or invoice fees are not accepted.
  • The invoice must contain the name of the person ordering. If we state a reference number, the invoice must be marked with the reference number.
  • Supplier invoices are scanned by BancTec. Regardless of how the invoice is delivered to us, the invoice address below must be on the invoice.
  • Other mail is addressed and sent to the delivery address below.

Invoice address

Hellsten Gears AB
Kund-id ESA6601
SE-105 69 Stockholm

Delivery- and visiting address

Hellsten GearsAB
Varbergsvägen 416
SE-439 73 Fjärås

Invoice by e-mail

The invoice must have the invoice address specified above, even if the invoice is delivered by e-mail.
The invoice is sent by e-mail to esa0000@tps.banctec.se.

To note when an invoice is sent via e-mail

  • The invoice address on the invoice must be stated as above.
  • Accepted image file formats are PDF, TIFF or PNG.
  • Only one invoice per e-mail.
  • No images or files in other formats attached or inserted in the e-mail.
  • The image file name must not contain the letters å, ä or ö and no characters such as hyphens, apostrophes, spaces, periods and other special characters.
  • Messages or conversations cannot be sent in the e-mail.
  • Limit the file name to a maximum of 25 characters.

Hellsten Gears AB
Varbergsvägen 416
SE-439 73 Fjärås

+46 300 - 742 20