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Price offer information

The validity of the offer

The offer is valid for 30 days from the date stated on the offer.
Delivery time can be changed, see below. 

Exchange system

All offered gearboxes and spare parts for gearboxes presuppose that the customer's defective unit is returned. Failure to return will be charged afterwards (deposit does not normally need to be provided). The return unit must be returned within 14 days of delivery. Note that external damage means that part of the frame fee is charged. The fee varies with the damage - therefore always inform customer service if the return unit has external damage when ordering.

Oil for gearboxes, rear axles, distribution boxes etc.

Modern automatic and manual gearboxes require better quality oil than before, there are many different specifications to take into account. Durability and comfort are often affected by oil quality, therefore the right oil must be used. When we offer oil, we guarantee that the oil meet the car manufacturer's requirements.

Delivery time

The stated delivery time is to be considered as a delivery forecast. A stock item can never be reserved other than by ordering the item. Therefore, no guarantee is given that the stated delivery time applies until we confirm the order. 

Shipping and customs

Unless otherwise agreed, the cost of return shipping for the exchange unit is included in the offer. This means that there are two shipments is included in the offer, one outgoing and one incoming. The shipping note for return shipping is attached to the shipment or distributed to you in connection with the return shipping being booked.
» Return shipping is booked via our website 
Information and reminders about returns are sent by e-mail. For deliveries outside the EU: Any VAT and customs fees will be charged to the recipient. This is administered by the transport company. The shipping cost is VAT exempt.


  • 2 year warranty on both refurbished and used units
  • Warranty covers labor costs.
  • Warranty covers shipping damage and lost goods.
  • Warranty protects against programming worries, locked control units, etc.
    » Read our full warranty terms

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